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The UCCE Master Gardener program made 2,355,679 face to face contacts in California last year!

What's Going On In Our Gardening Community?

MG Revised NoWords University of California Global Food Initiative
Posted 1/27/2015 - The UC Office of the President is launching two communications vehicles today related to the UC Global Food Initiative: UC Food Observer: For policy wonks to the public at large, UC Food Observer is your daily selection of must-read news from the...

Wha's-on-Season-Now What's in Season Now
Posted 1/27/2015 -

frost damage-poplar Dealing with Frost Damage
Posted 1/26/2015 - With the latest weather extremes some of your plants may have been damaged by frost. Typically tropical plants, citrus, ferns, and succulents among others can show signs of damage when the temperatures dip too low. Bringing the plants that are in...

moro-blood-orange-tree Fertilize Your Citrus
Posted 1/20/2015 - Citrus trees should be fed three or four times a year for the best results because they are heavy feeders. Along the coast, January is the best month to start; however cities where there may be a threat of frost should wait until March. To determine how...

blueberry bush Plant Bare-root Blueberries This Month
Posted 1/14/2015 - Before you rush out and buy bare-root blueberries, dreaming of baskets filled with luscious berries all summer, do some homework first. Not all stores sell bushes that do well in our area and you must be sure to find ones that are bred to thrive in a...

weed1 Help Identifying Weeds
Posted 1/2/2015 - With the rains come the weeds in many cases, but now is the time to get on top of keeping them in check while the ground is still soft and they are still small and easy to remove. The ideal form of removing weeds is manually, either by hand or using a...

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UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County, California

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