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The UCCE Master Gardener of Orange County volunteer's donated 21,733 hours and made 90,576 face to face contacts in Orange County, California last year!

What's Going On In Our Gardening Community?

redhumped caterpillars2 Redhumped Caterpillars
Posted 6/22/2015 - The redhumped caterpillar, Schizura concinna, is found throughout much of California. This pest most commonly attacks liquidambar (sweet gum), walnut, and plum trees, but you also can find them on almond, apple, apricot, birch, cherry, cottonwood, pear,...

bee-pollen2 Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden
Posted 6/15/2015 - You will get a larger crop if you have lots of pollinators buzzing around your garden. Although the vegetables or fruit blossoms themselves may attract some, a variety of their favorite plants which produce flowers with lots of pollen and nectar will...

coffee-grounds Put Your Coffee Grounds to Work
Posted 6/8/2015 - Don't forget that you can add your used coffee grounds to your compost pile (they would be considered greens), or you can just sprinkle them directly on the ground around your plants for a slow source of nitrogen, plus they will improve the soil...

MG-Revised-400 Irrigation Tips
Posted 5/14/2015 - A new landscape irrigation worksheet for homeowners was recently developed by Dr. Loren Oki, CE Specialist, Landscape Horticulture with UC ANR and UC Davis. The worksheet is designed to calculate an irrigation schedule for a landscape zone for one...

MG-Revised-400 Listen to “In the Garden” on KUCI
Posted 4/30/2015 - Listen to “In the Garden” on KUCI (88.9) every Thursday, 8:30a – 9:30a Tune in your radio to 88.9 FM, or  Listen on your computer at http://www.kuci.org/index.shtml (click the tab LISTEN LIVE NOW),...

Make Every Drop Count!
Posted 4/28/2015 -  

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Plants appropriate for Southern California

There are plants specially suited to Southern California climates. Some are California natives that have been shown to do well in home gardens...

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UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County, California

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