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The UCCE Master Gardener program made 2,355,679 face to face contacts in California last year!

What's Going On In Our Gardening Community?

Kellogg-house-018 Hands-on Rose Pruning Workshop
Posted 12/17/2014 - UCCE Master Gardeners of Orange County will be holding our annual rose pruning workshop at Heritage Museum in Santa Ana on Saturday, January 24th at 9 AM.  Our speaker, Kay Havens, will tell you all you need to know about growing healthy...

ceanothus-hearstiorum-flowers Native Groundcovers
Posted 12/14/2014 - Since November is the month to plant natives and groundcovers, here is a great source from Las Pilitas Nursery that lists dozens of native groundcovers! Perfect! http://www.laspilitas.com/garden/groundcover.html

groundcover Plant Groundcovers Now
Posted 12/8/2014 - In Southern California fall is the ideal time to plant ground covers, those low growing, tight plants that are typically sold in square foot flats. Some can be walked on and some are perfect for slopes.   They can be used to fill in around...

Leaffooted-bug Outsmarting the Leaffooted Bugs in Pomegranate Trees
Posted 12/2/2014 - This time of year when pomegranates are ripening, you may notice an infestation of black bugs. These are usually leaffooted bugs and they are looking for places to lay their eggs. The best way to control them is through physical means as...

soilhandful Building Soil For a New Yard
Posted 12/1/2014 - Are you thinking of putting in a whole new yard? It can be quite an endeavor, but a rewarding one in the end. Of course the first step will be making sure you have a good foundation in the way of soil. It is good to know that you have many resources...

bio giant swallowtail Encourage a Visit From a Giant Swallowtail Butterfly
Posted 11/27/2014 - If you grow citrus trees in your yard, chances are you will see an occasional Papilio cresphontes hanging out nearby. Also known as the Giant Swallowtail butterfly, they are especially attracted to citrus trees among other plants commonly found in...

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Plants appropriate for Southern California

There are plants specially suited to Southern California climates. Some are California natives that have been shown to do well in home gardens...

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