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The UCCE Master Gardener of Orange County volunteer's donated 21,733 hours and made 90,576 face to face contacts in Orange County, California last year!

What's Going On In Our Gardening Community?

MG Revised This Week On The "In The Garden" Radio Program
Posted 8/3/2015 - The first Thursday of every month on In the Garden, UCCE Master Gardeners and KUCI staff hosts Teena Spindler and Katrina Kirkeby will bring you special information for the month of August regarding what to do and what's happening in your...

Caesalpinia Do You Grow Caesalpinia?
Posted 8/3/2015 - Caesalpinia is a ferny leafed shrub that does well in our climate, requiring little to moderate water once established. It is grown primarily for the lovely flowers that grow on the ends of the branches. In addition to being unusual and beautiful, the...

IMG 20150723 093829048 HDR Special Olympics Team Tour
Posted 7/29/2015 - What a fun day touring the Korean Special Olympics athletes!  They were great fun!  Many thanks to Master Gardeners Joanne, Susan, Kathie, Sandi, Kathy and Debo!  Everyone did an amazing job connecting and inspiring the athletes...

MG Revised NoWords This Week on KUCI "In the Garden" Radio Program
Posted 7/26/2015 - Vegetable gardens can go all year long.  So even though it's almost August, we can start planning for a winter garden.  This week on In the Garden, UCCE Master Gardener and KUCI staff host Mark Fierle talks to fellow Master Gardener Geri...

dr-john-beetles Dr. John Kabashima Talks Beetles
Posted 7/21/2015 - Scientists fight to save iconic UC Irvine trees from invasive beetle If you've ever been to the University of California Irvine campus, you know it's full of picturesque trees, like ficus, oak and sycamore.However, many of these plants are under attack...

redhumped caterpillars2 Redhumped Caterpillars
Posted 6/22/2015 - The redhumped caterpillar, Schizura concinna, is found throughout much of California. This pest most commonly attacks liquidambar (sweet gum), walnut, and plum trees, but you also can find them on almond, apple, apricot, birch, cherry, cottonwood, pear,...

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Plants appropriate for Southern California

There are plants specially suited to Southern California climates. Some are California natives that have been shown to do well in home gardens...

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