Listen Up To “Ants and Bareroot Plantings” On In The Garden Radio

Dec 23, 2019

Ants and Bareroot Plantings
Happy/Merry Christmas everyone! Remember back when the In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners just started in 2014, each segment was 30 minutes long?

We will bring back two shows/subjects - tried and true and yet very topical. The first half hour will be all about ANTS!

These critters can invade your house at just about anytime of the year it seems. And in the garden, they actually “farm” other pests such as aphids. Where you see one, you probably have the other. MG Katrina Kirkeby lets you know a bit about who Master Gardeners are and about this weekly program before she has an exciting discussion with Dr. John Kabashima about Ants.

The second part has MG Teena Spindler talking with local nurseryman Gary Matsuoka about Bareroot plants and planting. Learn about roses (bareroot and container differences), cane berries, strawberries, and other fruit trees. Prepare for the new year to come In the Garden!

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Podcast Topic: Ants and Bareroot Plantings

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