Listen Up To "African Violets" on In The Garden Radio

Apr 21, 2020

African Violets
Houseplants are the biggest thing going right now for everyone who desires cleaner air and a touch of nature's green inside the home.

Especially in these times! But not too many houseplants will give you BLOOMING COLOR too! This week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners, MG and KUCI Staff Host Bill Brooks talks to Mr. Leonard Re, a well-respected grower and judge, about a simple plant that has been seen in homes for generations - the African Violet.

It is no wonder the African Violet is the #1 houseplant on the market today. Hybridizers have developed violets to bloom as they do year-round in such colors as purple, blue, pink, white with new colors and blends of colors coming out regularly. Even flowers with ruffled edges to the petals!

With just a few considerations, African Violets are easy to care for, grow, and propagate. Great for small spaces, too. Tune in this week and learn all about this marvelous choice for living color indoors!

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Podcast Topic: African Violets

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