Listen Up To "Permaculture" on In The Garden Radio

Aug 31, 2020

What can the human population do to return to the sustainable existence of past cultures? One answer is Permaculture.

The three core foundations of Permaculture design are the ethics of EARTH CARE, PEOPLE CARE, and FAIR SHARE. Plain and simple! This week on In the Garden with UC Master Gardeners, MG and KUCI Staff Host David Letourneau will discuss this very important and impactful topic with Susan Krings, fellow MG from Riverside County.

Susan is also a Permaculture Designer so she will provide many helpful hints on, for instance, use of gray water (water used for other household purposes that is still suitable to be used in the garden – as opposed to black water), planning your land/plant placement (“spend 100 hours thinking for every 1 hour working”), and companion planting. The end result is the BEST result. NO WASTE! Join us!

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Podcast Topic: Permaculture

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