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Carrots, problems

  • Green tops

    If the tops of your carrot plants are green, the roots have been exposed to sunlight. Cut away the green part of the root, and the rest can be eaten. For carrots still in the ground, cover exposed roots with soil or mulch.

    Roots hairy, forked, misshapen 

    Carrot forking
    There are several causes for misshapen or hairy roots. Overwatering, hard soil, and overcrowding all contribute to forked or missahpen roots. Root knot nematodes  can also cause misshapen roots.

    Plant carrots in loose, evenly moist, not soggy, soil. Thin plants as they grow to avoid overcrowding.

    Carrot affected by root knot nematodes
    Management of root knot nematodes is difficult. Planting resistant varieties and practicing crop rotation can help.

    Read more about management of nematodes.