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The UCCE Orange County Master Gardeners are active with schools, churches and Boys & Girls Clubs in our community. We have established a group of volunteers who have been trained to assist local educators in their efforts to implement a school garden.
We are passionate about “propagating” the next generation of home gardeners and opening the eyes of children to the experience of agriculture, the taste of foods that provide a healthier lifestyle and their responsibility for environmental stewardship.

"TMA has a wonderful garden where students get to enjoy and learn about planting. We have parents, classroom Garden Masters, who help us each month in the garden with our lessons and activities. We also have Master Gardeners who teach our classroom Garden Masters all about gardening and tying academic concepts to work in the garden."  Jared DeBest, TMA 5th Grader (read full text at OC Organic Garden Blog)

Master Gardeners of Orange County Work with JourneySchool to Develop and Guide Their Gardening Program

Youth Garden Workshops 

Click on the link above to access more information on the following:

Learn more about the Youth Garden Workshops designed for parents, teachers and other volunteers interested in creating or maintaining a youth garden at your school, church or other community entity. The Fall Schedule should be final in June


School Garden Grants
Follow the link below for complete details of Garden Grants currently open for applications.  

CA Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom 

The California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Foundation, in collaboration with their partner, the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (CFAITC), is pleased to announce the opening of the 2015 Look at Agriculture... Organically grant applications. Twenty $1,000 grants for organic classroom projects will be awarded to K-8 teachers nationwide through a partnership with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom.

To apply, visit http://www.learnaboutag.org/organicgrants/


This is the second year CCOF and CFAITC will offer Look at Agriculture... Organically grants. Ten schools were awarded grants in 2014. Classroom projects covered the gamut of organic themes from seed saving, to composting, to growing food for organic pizzas. Teachers brought in grafting specialists, taught students about organic fruit production, and elementary school students preserved organic food and learned about botanical illustrations of agricultural plants.


The Look at Agriculture...Organically! K-8 grant applications will open April 10 and will remain open until May 22, 2015. Certified kindergarten through eighth grade teachers throughout the nation are eligible to apply.


LifeLab and CSGN

The California School Garden Network Grants and Fundraising Page lists some of the best garden-based learning grant resources plus much more to help your program raise funds.


Online Resources

The Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden Training Materials are now online!

These resources are available for free to anyone working to support others in creating and sustaining school gardens. At the CSYSG Trainer Page you will find the following:

  • A download of all CSYSG Workshop Handouts, Trainer Outlines (TO), and Supplementary Trainer Materials.
  • PDF file of all CSYSG Workshop Handouts
  • Workshop PowerPoints
  • Gardens for Learning Guide Book
  • Selected CSYSG Materials in Spanish
  • Freebies, fliers, and handouts to promote school gardens

A Child’s Garden of Standards – An Educator’s guide book on bridging the gap between the classroom and the garden in Grades 2-6. This document includes recipes, classroom activities and lessons on topics ranging from gardening to waste management.

Kids Cook Farm-Fresh Food – the California Department of Education’s webpage that offers several links focusing on sustainable, environment conscious gardening for Grades 2-7.

Nutrition to Grow On  - 9 lesson plans for teachers that focus on how growing a garden can encourage a student’s academic capabilities in all subjects in the classroom. These lesson plans are geared more for elementary school students.

Garden Education Resources - download this document which contains links to websites listed above plus to the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom, high school level composting curriculum, and much more.

California School Garden Network

California School Garden Network calendar

California Farm to School Network

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom

Coloring Books

Coloring books that can be printed out: 

Parts of the Plants that we eat. 

Coloring Book - Parts of the Plants that we eat

Good Bugs in the Garden

Coloring Book - Good Bugs in The Garden[1]




Questions and Requests for information or help - Youth Gardens

The following "survey" can be used to request a consultation at your youth or school garden by a Master Gardener. 

Complete the fields below and include your question or comments regarding school gardens.  Thank you.

If you can’t find the answer on the site, don’t despair! We also have the capacity to personally assist you through our hotline.  Just contact us by email or by phone (voicemail) at 949 809-9760 and we will respond to your inquiry.
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